For better showing our nice sisal, we attend Trade Fair as follow:


  1. Canton Fair: Since 1981 we attend every Canton Fair in Guangzhou twice a year,

                  in this coming 104th Canton Fair during Nov 2--6,2008 our booth

                  no for that is 2.2G32 (No.2 hall,Second floor,G32);


  2. Asia Style 2006: On July 4--6,2006 we will attend "Asia Style 2006" Trade Fair

                      in Nuernberg,Germany;


  3. Autumn Fair in Frankfort: On July 4--6,2008 we will attend "Tendence Autumn Fair" in Frankfort, Germany;

                               our booth no for that is 10.0D21-B;

  4. Warsaw Fair:  On Sep 18--23,2011 we will attend Trade Fair in Warsaw,Poland;

                   On Sep 23--30,2011 Visit Austria and Ukraine for business.


     Warm Welcome to our booth for nice meeting during Trade Fair time!!!