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Sisal yarn and Sisal twine


          we can produce sisal yarn in S twist and Z twist by clipped or unclipped, sisal yarn from us are using for nice packing tools and the materials of sisal rope.  sisal cloth and sisal carpet making... 

          we also can produce sisal yarn by ball type and spool type in any weight which are specially using for Garden Tools. Household Tools and packing Tools. we shrinked each ball or spool sisal yarn firstly then pack them in inner box and out Carton box, which will be convenience to sell in super market and using anywhere.

     we can load 15000kgs  this sisal yarn into a 20ft container and can make the goods ready for shipment within 20 days after the receipt of relevant order. package is  pp woven bag, kraft paper and carton box.

1. Natural Sisal yarn and Sisal Twine:
  Sisal yarn ball type
  Sisal yarn Spool type
  Our Sisal yarn selling in super market
  Sisal yarn ready for shipment
 Sisal yarn in Shrinking package Small ball or spool sisal yarn

2. Dye Sisal yarn. Sisal twine and Jute Twine:



3.Single Sisal yarn technical specifications:

standard weight (m/kg) average breaking tensile (N)
200 >=690
250 >=540
300 >=480
330 >=450
400 >=420
500 >=336
600 >=284
800 >=210
1000 >=168