Sisal carpet


         Our this sisal carpet are totally natural products with so many kinds of item and design and color,too. within width-4meter and length-30meter, any request for size is acceptable for us to do, and also we can make some small sisal rugs and sisal mat with 12cm width sewing cotton or leather border as per buyer's option. 

          Till now we have exported so many our this item to American. European and Japanese market. usually we can load 3200SQM to a 20ft container and 7000SQM to a 40ft container for such sisal carpet and can make the goods ready for shipment within 25 days.



    L-001                L-002               L-004                L-057               L-078

    L-080               L-048                L-008                L-010               L-010H     

    L-011               L-012               L-038                 L-040               L-041 

    L-042               L-043               L-044                 L-045               L-046

     L-047              L-048               L-049                 L-050               L-050A

   L-053                L-056               L-059                  L-068               L-070

   L-071                L-071A              L-075                  L-076               L-002

     B-003              B-039               B-040                  B-041               B-102

     B-013              B-014                B-015                B-016                B-018

    D-012               D-020                 D-023               D-033                D-037

       F-020             L-070C             L-092C             L-099C                 L-200A

      L-203A             L-209A             L-8011              LB-003                LB-004

              MDF1                         MDF2                          MDF3

    L-054                        L-057B                L-058                    L-059B     

   L-070A                       L-076A                L-081                      L-090


    L-091                       L-092                 L-093                      L-094


    L-104                      L-104A                 L-314                     GA-101

    L-029C                     L-098                  D-050                    D-055


   D-049                       F-001                  FD-001                    D-056

    HY-001                      GA-102                  L-0001                   L-0581

   Sisal carpet and Seagrass carpet with sewing cotton or leather border, which is 12cm or 7cm or 5cm width: